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What is a Home Warranty and What Does it Do?

A Home Warranty is a special kind of insurance that covers the cost of repairing or replacing appliances and mechanical systems in a house. With a Home Warranty, if a covered appliance or system breaks down, the insurance will pay for the repair or replacement. The homeowner need only pay a small deductible for each service call. The Home Warranty offers some real benefits to the home seller. Most important, for a modest fee paid by either the buyer or seller, the program can be extended for a year after the home is purchased. Buyers recognize the value of a Home Warranty and will often give preference to covered houses when they make their choice.

The house is covered by the warranty for the time it is on the market and for a year after closing. The homeowner is protected from a major repair expense at a time when they may not have a lot of available cash. The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about is paying for appliance repair.

A house that is offered with a Home Warranty comes with peace of mind for both sellers and buyers.

A home Warranty is not the same as homeowner's insurance which covers the structure and contents of the house from damage or loss due to casualties such as fire, theft or the elements. Mortgage lenders require a homebuyer to carry casualty insurance.

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